Art Prize

Hundreds of tiny pieces of glass - "Country Time" by Carol Graham

Hundreds of tiny pieces of glass – “Country Time” by Carol Graham

DSC06023 (1024x521)

Take a stroll down the busy streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan starting September 23rd through October 11, 2015 and you will find a variety of art at every turn. This is the 7th year artists from around the globe have converged to show and compete for substantial monetary prizes.

The 2014 grand prize of $200,000 was awarded to Anila Quayyum Agha who displayed an over six foot, hollow, wooden cube with laser-cut patterns. The small light inside the cube left the bare room filled with intricate design. A replica will be on display at the Art Prize Hub, 41 Sheldon Blvd., during this year’s competition. The Hub is one of several places you are able to register to cast your vote.

"Michigan Petoskey Stone" - Artist (not pictured) Randall Libby

“Michigan Petoskey Stone” – Artist (not pictured) Randall Libby

The streets are alive with energy exuded from the love of art in a vast range of mediums. The organizers are expecting over 400,000 visitors to view 1,500 pieces of art this year. Upon entering one of the almost 200 venues, you’ll see displays carefully situated. The hushed chatter of awed patrons will greet your ears and the hunger for more will propel you on to the next venue.


When you register you’ll receive the Event Guide and Map filled with need-to-know information. Your vote may decide the winner, so park your car and ride the bus, take a shuttle, or walk the three mile square from venue to venue. Find out more here.


"Country Time" Artist - Carol Graham

“Country Time” Artist – Carol Graham


Photo taken at Frederik Meijer Gardens Japanese ceramics exhibit.


5 thoughts on “Art Prize

  1. Tempt me to try to escape and spend time soaking in the experience….alas, not to be this year. Love your pictures and narrative.


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