New Innovation – Knitting Glass

“My Left Foot in Turkey”

While the vast majority follow instructions and go by the pattern, Carol Milne steps out on her own to form a new art process. Carol knits glass, or so it appears.

The Seattle based author, international artist and teacher, originally from Canada, started her working career in a landscape architect’s office during the late 80’s. It wasn’t until 2000 that glass became her main focus.

In 2006, Carol put together knitting, lost wax casting, mold making and kiln casting to create her own form of art. Using strips of wax, she knits her design, makes a mold, removes the wax and replaces it with glass. The process is a bit more complicated than it sounds. Find out more about this new way of creating by reading, Carol Milne Knitted Glass: How Does She Do That? by Steve Isaacson.

Ms. Milne has many accolades to list, but most noteworthy is the Silver Prize won in the 2010 International Exhibition of Glass, Kanazawa Japan.

Her personality shines through in her website photos. She appears down-to-earth and fun, moreover, the pictures of her art are stunning. You be the judge . You can also see more of her art in her book Knitted Glass Kiln-Cast Lead Crystal Bowls, on her Facebook page “Carol Milne Artwork”, or follow on Twitter @Carol_Milne_art.

I wonder how she came up with this concept and what this inventive woman will come up with next. We’ll have to keep an eye on her.

Carol Milne book


3 thoughts on “New Innovation – Knitting Glass

  1. This knitting process is beautiful…..offers such an awesome end product! I have watched my son blow glass and it is a tricky process. It would be interesting to see how she goes about “knitting” the individual tubes of glass together. It looks like it may be just like using yarn….add a stich here….drop a stich there….but all the time keeping the glass tube hot so it is moldable. Beautiful end product. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks, Sharon!
    I wish I could say I set out to be inventive … I am simply curious (and persistent). The round wax I was working with for bronze and glass casting reminded me of yarn. My whole process of knitted glass evolved from the statment and question, “It looks like yarn. I wonder if I could knit with it?”


  3. Sharon – thanks for sharing – I love Ms Milne’s creation – and being a knitter and having a deep appreciation for the beauty of sculpted glass, her glass slipper resonates as beauty and grace and would be absolutely wonderful gracing my glass showcase; ) Thank you so much for sharing.


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