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I’m not sure that I’ve used anything but Spectrum Glass, not that other glass isn’t readily available. I could easily grab the Bullseye brand, Uroboros, Kokomo, or Youghiogheny, but I find myself gravitating to Spectrum. Could that be because when I began that’s the brand I was steered to or could it be that I love the way it appears, cuts and feels?

Spectrum is a privately held manufacturing company located in the state of Washington. They produce a variety of glass.DSC06114

  • Stained Glass – for leaded or foiled projects
  • Warm Glass –for torch work, to fuse and glass blowing
  • Hot Glass – for glass blowers

They ship to dealers worldwide and every state in the USA. In Michigan, I found Spectrum dealers in twenty-one cities. Some of the larger areas have two retailers.

Their website offers videos to give insight on the process of creating glass and shows testing the finished product. You’ll also find free patterns and a small newsworthy magazine “The Score”.   I enjoy viewing the work of other artists in many forms and finding answers to questions in the FAC section.

Do you have a favorite place to buy glass? A favorite manufacturer or brand of glass? Sharing is so beneficial. It would be great if you would be a guest here to tell about the glass you use and show what you’ve made.



One thought on “Stuck on Spectrum Glass

  1. You and your posts have me considering the craft. I’ve seen first hand some of your work, and it’s gorgeous…and anything that gorgeous takes time and patience to create. Perhaps you should consider giving a few lessons; ) Video would be awesome; ) I love your sharing…the brands you use and why you choose it…thanks for sharing. I’m sorry I don’t have more to contribute in the way of glass brands…but I totally enjoy your posts; )

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