Kasia’s Mosaics

Kasia Mosaics Trillium Lake Oregon Process

We often learn from watching others, so I’m always on the lookout for creative people. Well, I found another gem. Let me introduce Kasia Polkowksa in her studio, Kasia Mosaics. She holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, New York, but now lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Nature holds the key to her heart as you can plainly see from her work. She photographs, draws, then creates her masterpieces.

Most Impressive

  • Hand work
  • Taping
  • Glass
  • Teaches

Kasia Polkowska Nautic Spiral Contemporary Stained Glass Mosaic Art

Each piece in her art is hand cut. Even the tiny circles are cut using tile nippers. You’ve got to watch this video then try it yourself to understand the talent she radiates. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqi9H959BRQ What surprised me most was that she doesn’t even need to grind the finished circle before placing it in the pattern.

She uses clear shipping tape to secure her pieces, cutting sections before placing them on sealed plywood. Extra care is given to tiny or textured pieces in the taping process. Here’s another video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-DULytJyy8  

Kasia Mosaics Teton Mountains Stained Glass Mosaic Art Process 2

Kasia takes time to choose specific color and texture of glass for each project. When asked if she had a favorite glass this is what she answered, “In regards to my favorite glass – I love it all =)  Specifically I prefer opaque glass as I feel that it lends itself best to the kind of work I do.  When it comes to brands, I’ve been using Spectrum since I started working in glass in 2007 so I’ve used that more than other glass but I love Bullseye, Kokomo, Youghiogheny, Wissmach, Uroboros and Armsrong – all make beautiful colors.  Color is what I am drawn to most.  I particularly like it when there is more than one color mixed into a sheet of glass.”

This talented lady also teaches. She went on eight month tour in her converted cargo van taking in the scenery and teaching on the road. Kasia now offers online classes. She said, “I have a ton of fun project ideas for my students and am excited how many I’ll be able to realize in 2016.” Go to her  website for info on classes. You’ll find so much more then I have relayed here.

Kasia Mosaic Red Lotus Flower Progress 2




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