Let’s Talk Design

DSC06119How do you decide what your next project is going to be? Do you choose your pattern first? If you use a pattern, tell us your source?

My muse whispers an idea, the brain seizes the thought and elaborates, as I check to see the colors of glass that I have on hand. Sometimes I see a photograph and visualize it in glass. Often I know my work is destined for a specific place and have to consider the surroundings and desired ambience. The process is seldom the same.

When working on an impression, I begin by searching for a pattern that might come close. It would be so much easier if I could draw the picture that’s in my head. Some people enlarge a photo and outline the details to use as a pattern.gennets-design-photo John Alloway from Kaiwaka, New Zealand has an awesome website with teaching videos and free patterns. Watch John show you how he turned the above photograph into a pattern. See on YouTube.

Without a doubt the easiest way for me is to choose a pattern first, decide if I’m going to a mosaic or stained glass the project, then pick color and style of glass. There are multitudes of pattern books or online resources. As you know, I like Spectrum Glass. They offer free patterns easily downloaded from their website.

Delphi Glass, my favorite place to visit, offers free patterns, an assortment of project guides, lamp patterns, tip sheets, bevel patterns and much more. www.delphiglass.com   I have ordered my glass from a catalog, but nothing compares to seeing the depth of color and design of each individual sheet.

So tell us your secrets and experiences. It’s fun to share.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Design

  1. Is the lighthouse your work, Sharon? It’s beautiful…like a beacon. Informative post…and interesting, like always. Thanks so much for sharing; )


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