Chris (3)The mosaic in my new bathroom (shown below) was finished and I was excited to show someone, so I sent the picture to my sister. She liked it. In fact, she liked it so much that she wanted me to do something similar in stained glass for her living room.  Christine

I received the dimensions for the window (30”x24”) and began to draw it. I had a pattern for the flamingo and reduced the size of the second bird to give the appearance of a flamingo farther away. The shells on each side and the dragonfly were also patterns that I had on hand, but I had to draw in the reeds, sky and water. It took me a year, not because it was so hard, but because I was afraid of this project.


Once drawn and the glass cut, the project went fairly smooth, until it was time to solder. I gave a quick onceover with lead and my husband, Gordon, and I turned it by placing a second board on top making a sandwich with the glass project in the center. I was nervous about this, but it worked.

Then Gordon thought he saw a tack under the glass and without a second thought picked up the corner way too fast and way too high. We heard a loud snap. One of the middle pieces of glass had broken. I was upset.  Maybe a there are a few better ways to describe how I felt like; heartbroken, aghast, livid, shocked and many more words that you might imagine.

Mosaic repair was always fun to do, but fixing leaded stained glass was not enjoyable. Together we took out the broken glass and replaced it. I finished the project and rushed it across the state to my sister’s house on Lake Lansing. I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough for fear something else might happen.

My sister, Christine, loved it and the piece fit perfectly in the place she had envisioned.

chrissy (2)




8 thoughts on “Flamingos

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Sharon! You are so talented. I love your bathroom window as well!! Your sister is lucky to have such a gifted sister:) Miss you girly and I hope Gordon is doing well:)


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