Soldering Iron vs Torch

DSC07038   Artist Lois Krieger saw yard art similar to that pictured. She gave me a call and we spent an afternoon in my basement making one. We were thrilled with the outcome except the solder lines that touched the copper pipe were rough and uneven.                                                                                                                      DSC07271

No matter how many times we went over the solder line it would not melt to even out. The reason, we decided, must be because the copper was cold. Holding the soldering iron on the copper before applying solder didn’t work either.

Days later my husband asked if he could try on a new one. He built a jig with wood and angle iron to hold the copper frame off the table. DSC07262      DSC07263

DSC07264 DSC07265

He fluxed the tubing, heated the copper with the torch then soldered it.



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