My Art

DSC06118Join me to see more of my glass or pick up a signed copy of a book.

  • October 1 – Cedar Springs Red Flannel
  • October 7, 8 & 9 – Grant Arts & Crafts
  • November 5 – Morley Stanwood Arts and Crafts
  • cropped-cropped-dsc06008.jpgDSC06030 DSC06033 DSC06034 DSC06035 DSC05935 cropped-dsc05936.jpgDSC06037
Country and the Rock (427x640)

Twelve-year-old Sean ‘Country’ West meets a young alien who wants to know what it’s like to be a boy on Earth.

Visit my Amazon store for these books and more by clicking the link below.

Country Captured 200X300

Earth boy travels to the Whirlpool Galaxy.

LavaStorm Nina Blurb 35KB

Twenty-three authors each with their own story about lava and a bully in a neighborhood setting. My story is #4 We Can’t Feed Them.


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